Monday, 31 December 2012

Who am I?

(Okay, so this exceeded 10 lines :))

Who am I?
Am I a mother, a daughter, a wife?
Was I even born? Did I ever die?
This me---happy, sad, jealous, angry
Peaceful, anxious, energetic, weary
Am I these fleeting thoughts and emotions?
Or am I my actions, my intentions?
Am I just a mass of cells?
A collection of bones, and capillaries, and neurons
Carbohydrates, proteins, amino-acids, hormones
That miraculously managed to find the right place
And do the right thing...
Am I the five elements?
Earth, water, fire, ether and space?

Am I love, peace, joy, as the sages say?
Pure consciousness-- untouched, unwavering,
Ever-fresh like the morning ray?

I have no idea...

Its a new ‘me’ every moment, a new story being told
I can only wonder about this miracle, this mystery
That’s waiting to be solved...


  1. Aha - you exceeded 10 lines ...
    But the entry is so good that you are forgiven :)

  2. lovely! ebare amar bhoy lagche likhte!

  3. :)
    Netro, where's your poem? Waiting eagerly...