Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Who am I? - by Suman

Five elements, an abode I stay…
Whose five windows, through I see.
While three seasons shower me wet…
Vascillating between two friends,
whose presence I mostly fret.
Sometimes clear, blurred otherwise…
Playing hide n seek all my life.
A reflection of myself, I could see in thee…
At the brink of realization you seem to flee.
Feels like a play,
I, the player or pawn?
Intrigued by this question,
I sing the life song.
Looking in pillar and post…
Waiting for you.
Lost I was in the amazing race…
Oh dear, when will I see your face?
What to do?
Where to go?
Whom to ask?
Saddened I was.
Adding a dash of love and fun…
putting an end to my dry run.
Enters the Guru,
Aho! Ab life hoti hai shuru…
Treading the path with earnest zest…
I am sure to find.
What remains an eternal quest…
Is who am I?

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