Saturday, 26 January 2013

Limericks in Hinglish

By Abhiram

There was this dude called Abhiram
Who went about with a handycam...
To get the devi's flowers was his duty
He was a south Indian who knew to make the roti
Boy, I do know to write a limerick; now time to Vishram.


 By Bawa 

Once upon a time in the dakshin
There was a guy who came from the pashchim
guy wanted food (Italian or mexican)
to eat that was good
but all he got was bhaath which was yellow, orange or green

A guy in Bombay called lil Poo
Used to love to spend time in the Loo
Once when he sat on the throne
making sure he was quite alone
He did poo along with some susu! :)

For a long time in Vyas Kuteeram
There lived a dude called abhiram
He was known for his dancing
And his abhiramisming
And eating his sambhar with rasam
By Suparna

There was once a bawa named Bawa
Who baked in the oven or cooked on the tawa
But eating his dhansak or chowder
Inflicted a rare speech disorder
All one could say was WAH WAH! WAH WAH!WAH WAH!

There was once a yogi named Boonkie
Who became inexplicably cranky
In spite of all the dhyan,
And all the seva, satsang and gyan
If you forgot even once to wear a bindi

There was this couple, Piu and Rashmin
Who had the secret to joy everlasting
Cos the time she took to dress
He used it to play chess
Can’t find the last line so I’ll go Ting Ting ti Ting

There was once this dude called Gowri
Yup, you heard that right!

There was this guy called Prasanna
Really good with gaana bajaana
But he couldn’t get a date
Perhaps it was fate
Some chicks were too old for him and the others called him Anna