Friday, 11 January 2013

Who am I

I am the body, some say just a dress
I serve to express, endeavor to impress.
I am made of the food I chew,
Shaped by the exercise I do.
Pure and strong I should be,
But is there all that is to me.

I am the flow, I am the Breath,
With me happens birth and death.
Synching with the rhythm of the universe;
With the world, in and out, I converse.

I am the mind, an energy field,
With thoughts and feelings, I am revealed.
Past and future, I instantly traverse,
In the moment, I joyfully immerse.
I enjoy the world through the five senses,
And gain strength when I drop my defenses.

I am the intellect, called upon to decide,
To go for the good or with the bad I side.
Judgements and doubts, are my disease,
Rush of prana, my welcome release.
Innocence triggers my intuition,
Beyond the ‘limited’ edition.

I am the chitta, storing past impressions,
With it, I shape the possible expressions.
Clinging to the negative,
Becomes quite addictive,
But awareness and meditation make me free
With a simple click, erase unwanted history.

I am the ego, subtle and powerful,
Entertaining, and at times frightful.
To separate and divide is my rule,
My biggest fear is to be a fool.
But Naturalness humbles me,
Unconditional love tumbles me.

Am I all of the above or above it all,
Who is wondering deep, who is watching tall,
The eye of the eye, the mind of the mind,
The infinite, the eternal spirit or its kind.
Am I the truth or the love beyond emotion,
Am I the wave or the whole of the ocean.
Am I the empty space that is, was and will be,
I don’t know, who or what is the real me…


  1. so beautifully explained Dineshji and so poetical ... it is so amazing !
    wat would be the antidote to the bad of the layers of existence. using the breath, silencing the mind and Being in the self ..all the layers of existence get calibrated and get into synchrony !

  2. Boonkawook Dinesh daaaa ...hahahaaa

  3. Who Are You?

    Tum haya ho, tum rida ho, tum wafa ho, tum nasha ho
    khaamosh nazarein sada jaisi tumhaari baatein duwaayon jaisi:)

  4. wowww :) amazing and has so much depth that i feel like reading again and again

  5. u r realy supub & that was great about u dada......:-)

  6. Wowww...
    I see my reflection this poem.. and I think everybody sees his/hers in this..
    Simply superb...

  7. Woww! beautiful "Am I all of the above or above it all" :-)

  8. The spiritual poet !! Hats off bhaiya :)