Sunday, 27 January 2013

(More) Limericks in Hinglish

By Bawa

There is this Gujju called Anjana
Who fell in love with Vivek, the ultimate south Indiana
In a blink of an eye
She married the guy
Now there is dal dhokli for lunch and for dinner rice and rasama

Abhi can be stubborn as a mule
But that's an exception, not the rule
He is daring and charming
and can be disarming
Say what you want, Abhi is cool!

To tickle Rashmin is so much fun
You can even do it to his bum
He squeals loudly with mirth
Each time you lightly press his girth
Or his feet, or his hip or his tum!

Mayur is daft
Its as simple as that
He talks gibberish
And calls it Engarish
But whatever you say, he is not fat!

Our Suparna Chatterjee
Loves to eat Aloo and Mutterjee
With salt and pepper - a dash
Its all gone in a flash
Then she burps and writes a best-seller jee!

(p.s: I'll eat aloo and mutterjee only if its prepared by Bawajee)

By Suparna

There was this dude called Devang
Trading shares was his passion
But when the stock market crashed
He carried on unabashed
Being strong from within with Sadhana and Satsang :)

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